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Aluminum Ladle Cleaner

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  The aluminum ladle cleaner is a product which is independently researched and developed by our company and has new structure, new form and high efficiency, cleans aluminum slag, precipitates and other things which are attached to the wall of an aluminum ladle by a mechanical cutting method and discharges the cut debris to a collection box by using a spiral conveying device, which prevents a masonry heat-resistant layer from being accidentally damaged by an air pick for cleaning, greatly prolongs the service life of the aluminum ladle, shortens the cleaning time of the aluminum ladle, reduces labor intensity and improves operating environment and working efficiency.
  The working process of the aluminum ladle cleaner: the aluminum ladle is lifted to a turning working table of the cleaner, the cover part of the aluminum ladle is detached, a mechanical fixture clamps the aluminum ladle, the working table is turned 90 degrees to a cutting working position, and the aluminum ladle is clamped and positioned again. A milling cutter head rotates and implements feed travel, the milled debris is pushed out by the spiral conveying device and flows into a bin, the milling cutter head returns to the original position after milling to the bottom of the aluminum ladle, the aluminum ladle is positioned and loosened by the mechanical fixture, the working table is turned 90 degrees, and the mechanical fixture loosens, thus finishing the mechanical automatic cleaning process of one aluminum ladle.

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