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Baking Multifunctional Crane

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  The carbon baking multifunctional unit is special operating equipment for anode baking furnaces, which can convey anodes between baking furnace and marshalling & unmarshalling stations, namely put anodes into a baking furnace pit by using an anode fixture, add fillers into the furnace pit by using a filler pipe, sucks the high-temperature fillers from the furnace pit by using a material suction pipe of pneumatic conveying equipment, classify the dust, take the anodes out of the baking furnace pit by using the anode fixture, and transport them to other equipment (a burning frame, a blowing pipe, a thermocouple frame, a smoke discharge frame, a flue gas measuring frame, a cooling frame and so on) in the workshop and lift other bits and pieces by using a 10-ton auxiliary lifting hook.
  The baking multifunctional crane is mainly composed of a bridge frame, a cart running mechanism, a trolley frame, a duplex fixture, a material suction and discharge system and an electric control system.

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