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After-sales Service

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I. Service commitment: fast, thoughtful, high-quality, efficient
II. Service concept: carry out user visits in a timely manner, reduce equipment failure rates, handle problems quickly, try every means to ensure the quality of equipment operation, achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
III. Service tenet: customer is always first.
IV. Service objective: allow customers to feel the satisfactory and reliable intimate services everywhere.
V. Service content:

  Meet the requirements of the company’s development, and fulfill two fundamental changes: from whole-machine sales to whole-machine sales + service, and from emergency service to active well-planned services.
  1. Develop practical user visit plans, track equipment operations, establish complete equipment profiles, and pay particular attention to potential equipment problems that users have.
  2. Implement the “one to one” service model, and organize tracking services for users’ on-site system in a planned manner, to ensure stable operation of the equipment and the normal production of users.
  3. Actively organize trainings in equipment maintenance, care, daily operations, technological transformation, proposal and other aspects, improve user satisfaction, and promote technological transformation requirements.
I. Countrywide Service Stations
  Chiping service station in Shandong
  Yichuan service station in Henan
  Qingtongxia service station in Ningxia
  Lanzhou service station in Gansu

We provide customers with zero-distance services, and have established 4 service stations as shown in the figure.



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  Customer Service Center
  Toll Free: 400-6066-555
  Customer Service Group: 86-24-25810876; 86-24-25819977
  Information Group: 86-24-25819988 (Fax)

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Address: 26 Shibei Street, Xihe, Shenyang Economic

and Technological Development Zone


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