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Pure copper stave

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  After more than 20 years of R & D and production in the area of blast furnace copper cooling equipment, our technologies are getting more and more mature, and the product quality is reliable, which fully meet the requirements of modern blast furnaces for large sizes and long life. With the continuously increasing technological level, we have produced six-channel six-loop, and double-loop eight-channel enhanced new products. The one-generation life of our large-scale blast furnaces is up to 18-20 years. The tubular outlet produced by our company based on advanced technologies features increased water pressure and improved front-end velocity. In 1997, the products passed the appraisal by the Ministry of Metallurgy for long-life outlets. All these outstanding achievements and results indicate that our cooling equipment has reached the domestic leading position and the international advanced level.

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Address: 26 Shibei Street, Xihe, Shenyang Economic

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