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Rotary kiln

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Rotary kiln products are the leading products in our company's rotary products series. The service industry covers cement, mining, nickel smelting, chromium smelting, carbon, metallurgy, special materials and many other fields. Especially the largest size of 5500 *115000 rotary kiln exported to Myanmar in Asia represents the overall synthesis of our company's processing and production. With our combined strength, only one product has created more than a dozen product patents and created a new situation for the export of domestic equipment.

Main uses and structure description of the equipment:

Rotary kiln mainly refers to the mechanical, physical or chemical treatment of solid materials with rotary cylinder. It is mainly used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and many other production industries.

Rotary kiln is mainly composed of kiln head and kiln tail sealing device and structural cooling device, cylinder body, wheel belt and installation plate, driving device, supporting device, driving system, lubrication system, hydraulic blower system, three-time fan and its air supply pipe, installation of pad iron, equipment bottom plate, foot bolt, special tools and electronic control device. It consists of instruments and control devices.

1. Sealing device and structural cooling device of kiln head and kiln tail

Rotary kiln is operated under high temperature and low negative pressure. In order to prevent air inhalation and smoke leakage outside the kiln, advanced composite scale sealing structure is designed, which is combined with high temperature resistant and high elastic friction sheets and fibre sheets, and has relatively low cost and good sealing performance. It can adapt to the shape error (ellipticity, eccentricity, etc.) of the cylinder and the reciprocating movement along the axis in operation, with light wear and dimension. Easy maintenance and maintenance.

The cooling nose ring technology is used for forced cooling of the kiln head. The temperature of the sealing contact surface is lowered by blower blowing into the cold air jacket of the kiln head. The lower part of the nose ring is connected with the external air duct, and the uniform cooling is realized through circumferentially distributed air duct to prevent burning of the cylinder, the necking ring and the sealing scale plate. The temperature at the end of the kiln is relatively low, so there is no need for air cooling.

2. Cylinder

The surface temperature of the cylinder of rotary kiln is not high, so the material of the cylinder is usually Q245R. The end of the kiln head is provided with a kiln mouth guard plate, which adopts heat-resistant casting and is bolted to the cylinder body.

3. Wheel Belt and Installation Plate

The wheel belt adopts integral casting rectangular structure, which has simple shape, fewer casting defects and easy quality assurance.

Loose sleeve type wheel belt installation is adopted. Installation cushion plate is welded on the cylinder body. There is a gap between the outer diameter of the cushion plate and the inner diameter of the wheel belt, and retaining rings are arranged on both sides of the wheel belt.

The tyre is normalized and tempered to strictly control its surface hardness. `

4. Driver

Rotary kiln is usually driven by motor and reducer, which are divided into single-side drive and double-side drive. The drive of rotary kiln can be divided into main drive and auxiliary drive according to their functions.

Main drive: main motor + coupling + main reducer + diaphragm coupling + pinion gear, main motor adopts variable frequency speed motor.

Auxiliary drive: When the main motor or power supply fails, drive the kiln body to rotate to avoid deformation and bending of the kiln body. The configuration is auxiliary deceleration motor + tooth-mounted clutch + main decelerator + diaphragm coupling + pinion gear.

5. Bracket Wheel Sets and Supporting Devices

The supporting device bears the weight of the whole rotary part of the rotary kiln and makes it rotate smoothly.

Rotary kiln is equipped with different number of supporting devices according to the length of kiln body. Generally, there are three and four supports. Supporting wheel bearings adopt self-aligning spherical bearings, which are cooled by cooling water.

6. Lubrication System

The whole set of lubrication control system adopts PLC control system, which can detect the working status of each lubrication point and alarm the failure.

The control system is divided into automatic and manual operation modes. Manual operation is used in the process of installation, debugging and maintenance. Automatic operation has two modes: remote interlocking with the main engine and local automatic on-site operation.

7. Hydraulic gear system

Hydraulic retaining wheel is mainly used to make the belt and supporting wheel contact evenly. It takes into account not only the difference between the temperature value calculated by considering cylinder expansion and the actual situation, but also the error between the transverse center distance of the installation wheel and the design requirement.

All pipes in the hydraulic system are stainless steel pipes to ensure that the inner wall of the pipes is not rusty in use.

8. Three-stage fan and supply duct

The third fan is balanced and evenly distributed on the cylinder body, connected with the air collecting pipe, and butterfly valves are set between the fan and the pipeline. Each set of air collecting pipe has a separate air supply pipe inserted into the inner part of the cylinder. The fan uses sliding ring to supply electricity, and frequency conversion speed regulation to regulate the air volume. The air supply device adapts to the high temperature condition of kiln body and meets the requirement of intake air muffling. It has the functions of automatic control of air flow, uniform overall air supply, balanced weight distribution and preventing material backfilling. After the valve is closed, it can block high temperature flue gas and fully meet the technological requirements.

The slip ring device for power supply consists of a slip ring fixed on the kiln body and a brush device with a certain distance between the slip rings. Each group of slip rings is fixed by the clamping device of the slip ring and the rotary kiln. Each group of slip rings contacts the corresponding brush device. The current is transmitted to the slip ring through the carbon brush on the brush device, and then the slip ring is transmitted to the kiln body fan through the high temperature cable. Up. The fan has stable power supply form, low failure rate and convenient disassembly. It is an advanced rotary kiln fan power supply device.

9. Installation of pad iron, equipment base plate and anchor bolts

It is used to adjust the installation accuracy of equipment to ensure the reliability and stability of equipment operation.

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