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Ball Mill

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  The ball mill is a leading product in mine products of our company, and is mainly applied to enterprises of various mines such as gold mines, copper mines, iron mines, phosphorus mines, lead mines, zinc mines and germanium mines. Our ball mills have a production history of more than 30 years, with a total number of more than 300. Through years of development, the product now has mature processing technologies and complete varieties, among which ball mills exported to Zambia have the diameter of 5.5m. Meanwhile, our ball mills are highly recognized by domestic customers, among which JISCO beneficiation plant customized 9 ball mills at a time, furthermore, Qinlong Mining Co., Ltd. signed a bulk order of customizing 22 ball mills from our company. Our company will be continuously devoted to innovating, researching and developing ball mills, and spare no efforts in providing excellent equipment for customers in this field.

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