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Material Suction Crown Block

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  The material suction crown block is special operating equipment for anode baking furnaces, is a simplified baking multifunctional crane, and only finishes material suction and discharge functions of the baking multifunctional crane. During use, an anode fixture crown block puts anodes into a baking furnace pit, a filler pipe adds fillers into the furnace pit, a material suction pipe of pneumatic conveying equipment sucks the high-temperature fillers from the furnace pit, dust is classified, the anode fixture crown block takes the anodes out of the baking furnace pit, and a 10-ton auxiliary lifting hook transports them to other equipment (a burning frame, a blowing pipe, a thermocouple frame, a smoke discharge frame, a flue gas measuring frame, a cooling frame and so on) in the workshop and lifts other bits and pieces.
  The material suction crown block is mainly composed of a bridge frame, a cart running mechanism, a trolley frame, a material suction and discharge system and an electric control system, and has the maximum material suction capacity of 65m3/h.

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