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Vibration Forming Machine

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  The vibration forming machine is special equipment for producing prebaked anode carbon blocks in carbon plants, and is used for molding the kneaded anode paste into raw anode carbon blocks with certain apparent density, certain weight, certain shape and uniform electrical conductivity, baking them through a baking furnace to form anodes available for an electrolysis prebaking bath.
  The turntable vibration forming machine is mainly composed of a hydraulic system, a matrix, a vibratory feeding system, an oil mist spraying system, a vibration working table, a counter weight and lifting mechanism, a demolding mechanism, a height measuring device, a coding device and so on.
  The vibration forming machine produced by our company is a turntable three-station vibration forming machine and is highly automatic equipment, and the equipment can run manually, semi-automatically and automatically, and has the capacity of 23 blocks per hour.

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