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Multi-function crane for aluminium electrolysis

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The multifunctional unit of aluminium electrolysis is the key equipment of large pre-baked anode aluminium electrolysis production. It can replace manual shell-breaking, anode replacement, anode pit cleaning, feeding, aluminium discharging and metering, anode bus connection, repair electrolytic cell and other lifting operations in the process of aluminium electrolysis operation. It is carried out under extremely harsh conditions such as high temperature, multi-dust, MULTI-CORROSIVE gas and strong magnetic field, and can be greatly reduced. Light workers'labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

The multi-functional crane for aluminium electrolysis is mainly composed of bridge, cart operation, tool trolley (including shell beating mechanism, blanking mechanism, slag cleaning device, blanking device) and aluminium trolley, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electronic control system.

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