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    Rotary kiln in Dagongshan, Myanmar

    Rotary kiln in Dagongshan, Myanmar


    Dagongshan Nickel Mine Project is the largest mining cooperation project between China and Myanmar. Shenyang Smelting Machinery undertakes a series of nickel smelting equipment, such as roasting kiln, drying kiln, plate feeder and double-tooth roller crusher. Four of the largest rotary kilns in Asia in key production equipment, with the highest specifications and ultra-high precision, have created many first-ranking rotary kilns in the manufacturing history of ferronickel.

    In 2008, Shenyang Metallurgical Machinery has continuously improved its technology through laboratory, pilot test and actual operation in the process of manufacturing a series of equipment for ferronickel smelting in Myanmar. At present, it has been put into operation for 18 months. It fully adapts to the mineral characteristics of Burma laterite with high water content and high viscosity. The quality of finished products of ferronickel is excellent, and the nickel content has reached 25%~32%.

    In 2009, the 5.5*115m rotary kiln designed and manufactured by our company was completed. This is a large-scale rotary kiln equipment with world advanced level made by our company for Dagongshan Nickel Mine in Myanmar. It is used for reduction roasting of Dagongshan laterite nickel ore to produce roasted ore for ore-supplying thermoelectric furnace to smelt coarse nickel iron, specifications and sizes of single equipment and production capacity items. Formerly ranked first in Asia.

    5.5 *115m rotary roasting kiln is driven by two-sided double transmission, frequency conversion and speed regulation, with four-gear support and two hydraulic retaining wheels. Among them, the large gear ring adopts the split structure with the world's advanced technology, which has high gear accuracy and tooth surface hardness, compact structure; the main components or structures of rotary kiln have been calculated by computer simulation, and the structure is reasonable and reliable.

    The kiln head and the kiln tail adopt a new type of composite scale sealing and air cooling structure, which is reliable in operation, good in sealing effect and simple in structure.

    The three blowers adopt sliding ring power supply and variable frequency speed regulation scheme to control the reaction atmosphere in the kiln by adjusting the air volume to meet the technological requirements.

    Advanced and perfect electrical control and testing instruments. The main drive of the system adopts master-slave mode to drive and control the load balance by calculating the speed and torque signals. The pressure, temperature and flow of the system are all measured by wireless method.

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