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    International trade

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    China Nonferrous Metallurgical Machinery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. has experienced more than 70 years of development and progress, the company's mature technology and high-quality products to the international market. The company's leading products have great competitive advantages. A series of aluminium-making equipment represented by multi-functional aluminium electrolysis units were first exported to India, Iceland and Kazakhstan. The spare parts represented by the central car body quickly occupied the American market with its exquisite production technology. 5.5 *115m rotary kiln is a large-scale rotary kiln equipment with world advanced level manufactured by our company for Dagongshan nickel mine in Myanmar. It is used for reduction roasting of Dagongshan laterite nickel mine. It is used to produce roasted ore for smelting coarse nickel iron in thermoelectric furnace. The specifications and sizes of single equipment and production capacity rank first in Asia at present.

    The company vigorously carries out international market competition and actively participates in international bidding, forming a comprehensive pattern of foreign trade, such as self-export, domestic and foreign agent export and cooperative manufacturing. It has established stable technical exchanges and trade cooperation with India, Zambia, Iceland, Norway, Kazakhstan, Tedo, Malaysia, Azerbaijani, Iran, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Japan, Canada, the United States and Brazil.

    Address: 26 Shibei Street, Xihe, Shenyang Economic

    and Technological Development Zone


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