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    Talent strategy

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    Talents are the key to the sustainable development of the company. First-class talents are the basis for building first-class enterprises. SHENYANG SHENYE HEAVY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. strives to promote and encourage the development of its employees. It is committed to establishing a fair, competitive, incentive and efficient employment mechanism and building a respect for knowledge, talent and labor. Respect the good atmosphere created, and actively provide a broad career platform and development space for all kinds of talents. Firstly, we should broaden the channels and strengthen the introduction of outstanding talents and graduates from colleges and universities; secondly, we should deepen the reform of personnel system, innovate and improve the mechanism of talent work; thirdly, we should strengthen the capacity building of talent resources, train learning-type employees and build learning-type enterprises; fourthly, we should unblocked the channels of talent development and respect the law of talent growth. To promote the continuous growth of three types of talents in innovative practice.

    Talent policy is an important strategic support for the company's development and growth. The company cares about every employee and strives to train every employee to be a professional and professional person. At the same time, the company has also formulated a highly competitive policy to retain and attract talents.


    1. Apprenticeship system shall be implemented for newly recruited graduates with undergraduate or higher education. When the period of apprenticeship expires, the corresponding remuneration and treatment shall be determined according to the positions employed.

    Basic salary during probation period: 3500 yuan for master graduates of 985 colleges, 3000 yuan for master graduates of 211 colleges, 2000 yuan for master graduates of ordinary colleges, 2500 yuan for undergraduate graduates of 985 colleges, 2000 yuan for undergraduate graduates of 211 colleges and 1400 yuan for undergraduate graduates of ordinary colleges and universities. Foreign master's students enjoy 300 yuan housing subsidy, while foreign undergraduates enjoy 200 yuan housing subsidy.

    2. Employees are entitled to five insurance and one payment and paid vacation. The company provides free working lunch, at the same time establishes the system of festival benefits and consolation benefits. According to the company's operating efficiency, the company pays certain benefits or consolation items to employees on special matters such as holidays and holidays, and sends a birthday gift to the birthday employees every month.

    3. Establish the titles of labor model and advanced workers, encourage the recognition of employees who have contributed to the work, and provide the employees with outstanding performance with the treatment of vacation and recuperation outside and inside the province.

    4. Send excellent staff to study for master of Engineering every year, and train MBA talents through School-enterprise Cooperation to provide a platform for staff continuing education and self-improvement. The company has the right to appraise the qualifications of intermediate and junior professional and technical positions in engineering series. It confirms or appraises professional and technical personnel every year to strengthen the professional growth ladder of talents.

    5. Design career planning for employees, adopt the form of internal communication and job rotation, train modern compound talents, so that employees in different positions can get comprehensive upgrading of work skills. When there are no suitable candidates for the important vacancies in our department, we should adopt the mechanism of competitive recruitment so that every employee has the opportunity to participate in the competition.

    We hope that more people will pay attention to the development of China Nonferrous Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. and look forward to more talents joining our ranks to create a glorious future of Shenyang Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd.

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    and Technological Development Zone


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