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MI Idea Recognition System

Corporate Core Values:

Responsibility, Innovation, Specialization and Win-win

Company Vision:

To build a world-class professional equipment manufacturing enterprise, let users choose us first when they need it.

Company mission:

Manufacture sophisticated equipment, provide professional services, to achieve optimal operation results.

Manufacturing sophisticated equipment: Manufacturing equipment is the responsibility of the company. Only products that meet excellent standards can be continuously recognized by the market. Excellent quality is the foundation of the company's survival.

Providing professional services: after-sales service is the company's bounden duty. The company should not only manufacture equipment, but also be responsible for the quality of life-long operation of equipment, and provide spare parts and technical services for users quickly. Only highly specialized, can we achieve rapid response, high level of service, and ultimately win customer satisfaction. Professional service is the foundation of company development.

Achieving optimal operation results: this is the fundamental value of our existence. We are an enterprise that provides the means of production to the users. All our efforts are to help the production process system of customers achieve the goal of efficient operation.

The company's professional management concepts:

[Safety Idea]: Prevention is the main thing, cherish life.

Make every effort to ensure the safety of employees and customers, actively prevent in advance, so that all kinds of hazards can be effectively controlled, and gradually realize intrinsic safety.

[Quality Idea] Advocate quality and do well at once.

Advocating quality and providing customers with satisfactory products and services is our unswerving commitment. We should vigorously advocate "conscientious work" and "standard work" to do well at one time.

[Human Resource Idea]: People are in their right place and bring their potential into full play.

Build a platform for the growth of employees, let the right people do the right things, maximize the potential of all kinds of personnel, regardless of the selection of talents, so as to maximize the release of employee value, so as to continuously enhance employee value.

[Business philosophy]: Honesty is the foundation to create customers.

There is only one correct and effective definition of the purpose of an enterprise, that is, to create customers. Customer is the cornerstone of an enterprise and the lifeblood of its survival. The only secret to make the enterprise evergreen is to be honest and trustworthy and constantly create value for customers.

[Production philosophy]: Keep the contract, lean production.

Strict implementation of contract terms, the pursuit of lean, so as to best quality, minimum cost and maximum efficiency to market demand to make the fastest response.

[Scientific and Technological Idea]: Continuous Innovation, Leading Development.

Independent innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Only by continuous innovation can we occupy the market with industry leading technology and products and lead enterprises to better development.

[Financial philosophy]: Comprehensive budget, precise control.

Strictly implement comprehensive budget management, give full play to the core role of financial control, integrate financial control into the whole process of production and operation, effectively avoid financial risks, and constantly improve the level of enterprise profits.

BI Behavior Recognition System

Key Codes of Conduct for Senior Leaders:

Based on the overall situation, scientific decision-making, pioneering and innovative, self-discipline and prudence.

Key codes of conduct for middle-level managers:

Considering the overall situation, diligent in communication, innovative management, pragmatic and efficient.

Key Codes of Conduct for General Managers:

Serving the grass-roots level, proficient in business, appropriate methods and strict implementation.

Key Codes of Conduct for Employees:

Honesty and trustworthiness, dedication to work, diligence in learning, improve skills.

Address: 26 Shibei Street, Xihe, Shenyang Economic

and Technological Development Zone


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