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Leader’s speech

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Chairman Address


Suffering from more than 80 years of trials and hardships and more than 80 years of constant struggle, since its establishment in 1938, Shenye(short for Shenyang Shenye Heavy Equipment Co.,LTD,)has contributed to the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and gradually grown into a large backbone enterprise of equipment manufacturing in China's nonferrous metals, metallurgy, mining, coal chemical processing, electric power and other industries based on the concept of sustainable development.

True heroes arise in time of adversity. The newly mix-reformed Shenye company is more dynamic with a fresh start. Looking forward to the future, adhering to the mission of "equipping future with mind, creating industrial civilization", Shenyang Shenye Heavy Equipment Co.,LTD will improve enterprise efficiency and continuously promote the innovation and technology research capability of the product and it will hence be creating value for customers, realizing win-win cooperation, making contributions to social progress as well as reaping many spiritual and material rewards of the staff.

Shenye company as well as friends from all walks of life will continue to make great strides towards the grand goal of "building a world-famous brand of heavy equipment, sharing a harmonious and beautiful home".

                                                                             Shenyang Shenye Heavy Equipment Co.,LTD

Company Legal Representative and Chairman Xiaoguang Chen


Address: 26 Shibei Street, Xihe, Shenyang Economic

and Technological Development Zone


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